well, finally

After toying with the idea of blogging for some time and then deciding that I would ACTUALLY jump in, it seems that I finally got my act together. Procrastination + toddler + husband who nixed all the blog names = taking a whole month to get this thing up and running. Sheesh.

I have a couple different posts rattling in my brain but they require me finishing one project and starting and finishing another. The project to finish is my sushi skirt. Eventually I will add the link here when it is up. I’ve been working on this skirt since the latter part of 2011 and I am ALMOST done. All I have left is to hem both the outer and inner skirt. Since my birthday is less than a month away and I have VOWED to be finished by then, I’m starting to feel the pressure. Maybe during the Super Bowl . . .

The other post will be categorized under Accidental Girl Mechanic and will chronicle my attempt to fix our second car (aka my inheritance). There is a short or something that is draining the car battery when the motor is off. Thankfully, I’m able to carpool or walk to the free light rail so having a second car hasn’t been a huge priority but, especially since spring is nearish, I would love to be able to run errands in my 1953 Ford Tudor.

And now, being Sunday, I have laundry to finish and should probably get on that while my toddler still naps.


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  1. Mom

    You amaze me with how much you manage to get done with everything you have to do. Your efforts will be richly rewarded so “hang in there” and “keep on truckin'” to utilize a couple of cliches.

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