Don’t eat the baby’s doughnuts!

Our son, Ike (yeah, he’s only 18 months and already has an alias), has food intolerances. I’ve probably mentioned it before (and will again) because I’m forgetful. And thorough. Some of his reactions are mild – rash/vomit. Others are more severe – screaming/irritable/sleep disturbances. Thankfully, I was able to figure out most of his issues when he was still exclusively living off my milk. While changing my diet wasn’t the most fun thing I’ve done, it was way better than having a baby who screamed for hours in the middle of the night and/or vomited constantly.

Ike normally has the sweetest, kindest temperament I’ve seen in a toddler. He has spunk and won’t hesitate to say “no” but he’s usually very good natured. Now, if he has wheat . . . he is one of the most unpleasant children I’ve ever dealt with. Since I want to enjoy my child, I’m learning how to bake things that he can eat without pulling a Jekyll/Hyde.

This particular weekend, I made rice flour muffins. I used Bob’s Red Mill white rice flour because it’s easy to get and it has a very easy recipe on the bag. I substituted banana for the egg since eggs will keep Ike from sleeping and give him horrible intestinal pain. I used coconut milk for my liquid but could have used juice or water and I omitted the sugar because I decided to put in chocolate chips that I chopped up with my Vitamix.

Ike loves chocolate chips so while I was mixing the batter, he kept asking for more and I did indulge him a little. Once the batter was ready, I split it between my miniature doughnut pan and a muffin tin. The muffins/doughnuts smelled amazing when they were finished baking. It was hard to let them cool completely before testing (you know, to make sure I didn’t poison anyone). There was a hint of banana taste but the chocolate chips made them wonderful!

Even though the treats were supposed to just be for Ike, the husband and I ate our fair share. Between the three of us, we finished off more than half of the 12 doughnuts and had eaten all of the 12 muffins by the time Saturday was over. The biggest potential drawback is the amount of caffeine in the chocolate. Ike turns into a crab and won’t sleep  properly when I have caffeine and it seems that the chocolate was a bit much. Nap time, both Saturday and Sunday, was a nightmare! It took over an hour to get him to sleep both days and there was lots of screaming, crying (him, not me), and pleading (definitely me).

Next weekend I’ll skip the chocolate and add in something healthy like blueberries. Mmmmmm, blueberry/banana doughnuts!


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  1. Mom

    I may be just a wee bit prejudiced, but I think your writing style is delightful. I greatly enjoy reading your accounts of the cooking solutions/inventions your desperation creates. As far as Ike’s “alias” a.k.a. “nickname”, I was almost old enough to vote for Eisenhower or Stevenson back in the ’50s and I wish I still had the campaign button that said “I Like Ike.” I would wear it in your tyke’s honor. I have noticed that is a lot easier to like someone who is likable–and you three are definitely that. –MLFM-M

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