give me fever

I love the three day weekends. Wait! I love the four day weekends. WAIT! I love spring break! NO, WAAAAIT!!!! I love SUUUUUMMER – summertime, when the livin’s easy . . .

Clearly, I will take what I can get.

This past weekend was President’s Day weekend and I had planned to spend some quality time with Ike and some serious time sweeping the massive drifts of dog fur that piles up continually. It was a good plan. A solid plan. A plan without flaws.

Yeah, I should know better by now.

Friday evening was wonderful, Ike and I had a ton of fun before bedtime. I kept him up a little later than normal so he could spend a little time with “DaDa” (Z) who had spent the last two days prepping and then running sound for the President on one of his WA stops. Unfortunately, it kept getting later and later and when it was nearly an hour after Ike’s usual bedtime, I decided to stick him in the bath and start the bedtime routine. Ike was a little fussy because he was so tired so I decided to quickly soap him up and then let him play in the water for a bit. I had gotten him all rinsed off and he was finally calm and sitting in the water. I kept pouring warm water over his back while possibly, maybe, catching up on twitter. I looked over at him and saw that his eyes were closed. My darling little son had fallen asleep in the bath. This is now the second time he has done this in his short life and it was so hysterical that I took about a minute and a half of video of him sleeping. Then I decided to be a good mom and get him to bed.

He was all tucked in when Z showed up with pizza! We ate and he told me all about his surreal day (no, he didn’t get to shake the President’s hand) and we watched television. Ike slept 8 hours before needing to be nursed and we woke up to a potentially great day.

Ike and I got up around 6:30 and made breakfast, hung out and played. I went to a play in the afternoon and then Z cooked an amazing dinner of salmon and feta whipped mashed potatoes. As I was putting Ike in the bath I noticed that his armpits and head were warmer than normal. I tried to take his temperature but the thermometer only got to 99.3 before Ike was done. We got the bath taken and then I put him to bed around 7:30 and settled in to hang out with Z.

Two hours later Ike woke up. I nursed him back to sleep. Another two hours later, Ike woke up and I nursed him back to sleep, again. I went to bed thinking I would get at least four, maybe five, hours of sleep. Nope. 2:30 am and Ike not only woke up, he was REALLY awake. He was still feverish and kept crying and asking for a, “walk, walk” so we went downstairs and walked around the living room. He finally nursed back to sleep and we went back to bed. Then around 4:30 am we went through the whole routine of awake, “walk, walk” and going downstairs. We sat on the couch, looked at the cars outside and every time I told Ike that we couldn’t go on a walk tears poured down his face. He finally nursed to sleep, again, and we went back upstairs to bed. Only this time, as soon as I laid him down, he woke up and began crying for a “walk.” Downstairs we went. This time when he fell asleep, I laid on the couch with Ike cuddled in my arms and slept blissfully for two hours until he woke up. AGAIN.

Thankfully, the fever broke on Sunday afternoon and Ike was himself by bedtime. He did get the walk he wanted and I hope it is that easy to bring him happiness for MANY years.

quality time


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