cooking as an afterthought

Last night I was sitting with Ike in our living room in our usual downstairs nursing spot. He had been nursing for just a second when he stopped, looked at me and said, “Noo?” Since we decided to do baby led weaning, we don’t force Ike to eat solids. I fix/offer him multiple meals and snacks in a day and anytime he wants solid food I try to respond quickly. So when he asked for noodles I jumped up and played short order cook. Ike took one bite and then played with the rest and fed some to our dogs.

While Ike entertained himself in the highchair, I cut up broccoli and zucchini so I would have something I could feed him quickly during the week. While those were steaming I decided to cook tofu for myself. I chose coconut oil to fry the Tacoma Tofu in and hoped it would turn out well. I put in about 5 cloves of garlic and then remembered I had carrots and ginger that would make a nice addition. I got the carrots and ginger sliced and added and then realized there was green onion I could add!

Except, I didn’t have green onion after all. What I DID have was baby bok choy. I LOVE baby bok choy and am always trying to get Z to make it for me. I’d never cooked with them before and was afraid I’d ruin them but they needed to be cooked so I decided I’d do my best and eat whatever my results were.

Evidently, it is more successful to have a thought out cooking plan than to cook on a whim. Since I had only thought I was going to fry up tofu, I was using my large cast iron skillet. I put in half of the tofu, the garlic, carrots, and ginger. And then I was out of room. I grabbed a ceramic bowl to place the cooked items so I would have room for the other half of the tofu and the baby bok choy. My very large wok would have been much better to use but there was no way I was going to dirty another large, hand-wash item.

Ike decided he was done in the highchair so I let him down to play. He promptly went to the snack cabinet, grabbed an opened bag of rice puffs and started shaking it as he walked into the kitchen. Rice puffs went everywhere!He then proceeded to play on the floor with a small cast iron skillet, spatula and the rice puffs.

My cast iron stir fry was finally ready. The taste was wonderful even though I overcooked the carrots and the baby bok choy a little. I finished my dinner and got Ike to bed while prayinh that Z wouldn’t get home before I cleaned the rice puffs off the floor. Just in case, I texted a picture of the mess so he could be prepared.


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