My writing process. (AKA: I can’t believe I ever get anything written.)

I was asked to blog about my writing process which got me to actually think about my process. While I haven’t blogged in over two years, I have been busy with plenty of other things. I’ve made progress on a novel I’m writing with a friend, continued writing theatre reviews for The Weekly Volcano, joined a writer’s critique group, had a baby, been a beta reader for three novels, went on extended leave from teaching in order to stay home with my two children, and most recently started writing another novel and short story.

Most of the time I don’t feel I have much of a process unless you call typing one handed while nursing a baby and praying the almost four year old doesn’t have a melt down a process.

I do a lot of thinking about my projects. For the novel I just started, I had been thinking about the premise for some time. I had the majority of the plot and characters mapped out before I ever started which made getting the first 8,000+ words in seven days fairly easy even with my typing while getting the baby to sleep method. There were also some 2 a.m. bedtimes as well. However, that week my house looked like a tornado had run through it. So the following week I got my house in order but did not add to my word count.

The other projects, the ones with actual deadlines get more attention the closer the deadline gets. It’s basically the “putting out the largest fire” process.

Some day I hope to have a set writing time every day but until then I will write as I’m able and edit as I go along (for the most part because who knows when I’ll get back to it).

I use google docs for the book my friend and I are writing together as we can track changes and make comments to each other. Since she is currently two states away, it’s the only thing we’ve found that makes the most sense and ensures that we’re both working on the same draft.

I  use google drive and save as a word doc for my theatre reviews since I’m pretty much the only person on the planet who doesn’t have Microsoft Office and no one uses Pages.

For my personal projects I use Scrivener and while I don’t know all the ins and outs yet, it is helping keep all the characters and places straight.

I guess my process could best be described as convenience, necessity, and the occasional neglect of the laundry.


And yes, I wrote this entire post while nursing the baby and typing it with my non dominant hand while the almost four year old happily played with Legos in his room.


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