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It’s 3:07 pm on my birthday and everyone is napping except me. I was going to join everyone but I needed to wash a load of diapers and after I started them I walked by my computer and saw an apple on the counter. I ate the apple and now I’m reflecting and writing.

This aging thing is so strange. I don’t feel 37. In fact, I don’t feel much different than I did at 17 or 27. Sure, I feel more tired but I don’t feel any more or less “grown up” or mature. I remember many times in my life when I would think about some future date and how I would reflect back and wonder how it happened so quickly.

I mean, I was JUST 7 and walking with my dad to the bank and getting a sugar cube from the coffee counter,

or 17 and studying theatre at Stephen F. Austin State University,

or 20 and moving to Olympia, WA to take care of my brother’s children (two now in their twenties with babies of their own).

I feel this most significantly with my son. Ike is almost 19 months and the time needs to go just a little bit slower!

I’ve had a fabulous day so far! I got breakfast in bed, was able to take a looooong (25 minute) shower, went on a momma & son date to Corina bakery where we split a vegan/gluten free carrot cake, then we went to the zoo until time to pick up Z from his Admin class. We lunched at Rosewood Cafe where I got a feta melt (my favorite!) and then home. Later we will have a few friends over for homemade tamales, courtesy of Z.

Before I shut down my computer, here are a few of my favorite birthday celebrations/traditions.

Every year, my dad would take out the birthday kid for lunch (or dinner). With six kids in the family, it was the one time we were guaranteed undivided attention. He let us pick the restaurant and we’d get Baskin Robbins afterwards. One year I┬áchose Pizza Hut and they messed up our order so they let us keep the mistake (pepperoni and onion) AND they made the correct one (pepperoni and black olive). Most years I chose Taco USA – a legend in Nacogdoches. They had a claw machine and one birthday my dad persevered and won an aqua colored dog with yellow ears.


For my 31st birthday my sister flew up from Texas to spend my birthday with me (as she did for my 25th). My birthday was on a school day (my first year with my own class) and she was going to observe me. When I went downstairs to leave, my entire living room was covered in balloons! My asthmatic sister had stayed up most of the night blowing up balloons just to surprise me! We had a great day at school, one of my students brought me coffee and then we went out for Mexican food and karaoke.





The next day, she and I got to play runway models at the New York Fashion Academy Spring Runway Show.






There have been other birthdays that had wonderful moments but if I listed them all this post would be ridiculous. I’m very blessed and grateful.


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